Quantum speed reading (QSR) is a completely new technique for reading books without looking at the pages.

I think you could use Quantum Speed Reading to read long books


Quantum Speed Reading
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The Quantum Speed Reading DVD is currently being produced. As soon as this is completed we will inform you on this website.
Q1. How can I do QSR?

The key to the quantum speed reading is to be able to see images.
Here are some training methods:
  1. Image Lag Training
    By staring at an Orange card or light
  2. Breathing
  3. The Stick Image
  • This involves tensing and relaxing muscles
    (Make your body arch shape)
Eye Training
  • Speed is the key.
  • Do the three types of training for 10 seconds each.
  • As you try this at a faster speed, you can see colors and lights.
    This leads to QSR.
Flipping through a book
  1. Flipping through the pages quickly
  2. Look at the book without focusing
  3. Colors come out from the book
    >> These become visual information.
  4. A native language (or a foreign language) comes out from the book
  • It is important to make a pleasing sound and to be gentle when you flick the pages.
  • Please refer to the book for the detailed method.

Q2.What kind of book should I try to start with?

These types of books are recommended in the beginning.
A book without pictures
A book which is easy to hold
Paperbacks (not hardbacks)
A book which is interesting for you
A book which has not been read yet

Q3.My eyes follow letters unintentionally when I read a book, how I can deal with?

? Naturally, our eyes follow letters unintentionally from long time customs. It is better to make an environment that you cannot see letters such as making a room dark or blind holding your eyes at the beginning.
You will find that you can still catch information by thumbing the book even in the darkness.

It is important to feel wave information from the book.
For example, flying-in to the page 50 and focus your consciousness on the page. Then, you can see and feel images of what you felt through five senses. After that, it may be good to run the contents of the book with your image.
Please try to put a book in a bag, then, flying-in to the book, and focus on your consciousness to it.

Q5.I would like to learn more about wave-speed-reading since only the book is not enough to make myself understand.

As it is explained at "How to forward the program" in the book, if there are enough number of people who show their interests, a practice seminar will be set up.
An English version of "How to forward Wave-Speed-Reading" will be on sale soon as DVD.

Q6.Is this only ability of children?

No, it can be used for adult, too.
However, it is required to repeat the following exercises; deep breathing, training of staring light, and imagining a stick.

Q7.How one can find the contents of a book by wave-speed-reading?

A computer in the right brain starts working when you thumb a book. With the wave-speed-reading, you can thumb the book instantly but not for general speed-reading. Then, you can catch the waves as image of light that are emitted from the book, and you can understand the contents.