Quantum speed reading (QSR) is a completely new technique for reading books without looking at the pages.

I think you could use Quantum Speed Reading to read long books


Quantum Speed Reading
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The Quantum Speed Reading DVD is currently being produced. As soon as this is completed we will inform you on this website.
Ms. Tobitani is a leading teacher at the Shichida Child Academy (SCA) with previous experience at the foreign exchange department of the Tokyo Bank. After having managed a prep school she joined the SCA in 1992. Based on her experience in the educational field she has developed the Dot Program, The Right Brain Memorization and Sensory Training Program, Quantum Speed Reading and The Right Brain Speed Calculation System among others as well as being in charge of the program for juniors. She is also involved in leading seminars for adults in right brain development. She currently heads the research and development branch of SCA and is a member of both the Human Science Association and the Subtle Energy Association of Japan. Need more.. Yumiko Tobitani