Quantum speed reading (QSR) is a completely new technique for reading books without looking at the pages.

I think you could use Quantum Speed Reading to read long books


Quantum Speed Reading
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The Quantum Speed Reading DVD is currently being produced. As soon as this is completed we will inform you on this website.
The Basic Techniques of QSR
Image training

The imagery seen when using the right brain can sometimes be as clearly real as actually observed visual phenomena. The right brain's most accessible images are of course in our dreams. When it comes to measuring the development of right brain abilities, we can start by finding out if the dream is in color or in black and white. By persevering in right brain training we can begin to dream in color. This is where afterimage training comes in.

Afterimage training means that we are using residual images. Moving from complementary (secondary) colors to primary colors, and from round to square

Through doing afterimage training in artificial light, natural sunlight and by using orange cards the residual images quickly tend to last longer and longer. Further, we become able to see afterimages in primary colors almost unconsciously. By this I mean that in the beginning even using when orange training cards the images tend to be in secondary colors. When using a blue card for example the afterimage tended to be in orange. However with further training it makes no difference what color is used the afterimages are in the correct color. The next thing we did was to use round cards and to visualize them as being square or triangular. When this is accomplished imagery can freely be accessible to the mind.

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The Basic Techniques of QSR : Image training

Sea waves

Let's do deep long breaths exhaling through the mouth. Imagine you are now standing on a sandy beach. The waves are lapping in and out. Let's match our breathing to those waves. As the wave comes in we breathe in. As the waves go out so does our breath. Breathe long, deep breaths exhaling through pursed lips.

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The Basic Techniques of QSR : Image training

The balloon

Imagine you are standing on a vast plain and you see a balloon being swayed by the wind come into sight. As it sways in the wind when you breathe in it comes closer and as you breathe out it moves farther away. Breathe deeply as you visualize this moving balloon.

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The Basic Techniques of QSR : Image training

Flying In
(becoming microscopic and going into something deeper and deeper)

Close your eyes. Behind your eyelids you can a huge mirror. You are standing in front of it. You become half of the reflected size you are and then half of that again until your body has become an invisible particle.
Inside your body you go.. This is an exploration of inside your body. You can quickly move there. Is it healthy or not in there? Ask the cells what they want to have done and then go and do it for them.
Inside a fruit. Check the seeds. How many can you spot? Where did you see them? Write this information down on a piece of paper. After you have done the flying in exercise, cut open the fruit and check your results.
Inside a book. Go inside a book and see what is written there and what pictures there are.

Quantum Speed Reading (flying in to books)

1) Take the book wrapped in a bag in front of you into your hands and then say to yourself, "The book is a friend" and imagine yourself becoming one with the book.
2) Grab hold of the wrapped book in both hands, concentrate and then fly in to the book
3) Write or draw the contents of what you have seen or felt in the book.
**An important point: A picture book is recommended at the beginning

Quantum Speed Reading (flying in to specific pages of the book)

This is about specifying book page numbers and then flying in to them. Details of how to proceed can be found in page 212

How to proceed through steps one to 4 and putting it all together

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The Basic Techniques of QSR : Image training

Image training for adults: Colors of the rainbow [red, blue, green, the entrance]

The key to developing imaging power is in the breath.
1:Out breath (imagine that toxic energy from inside your body is leaving-5 seconds
2:In breath (Energy from the universe is coming in to your body)-5 seconds
3:Between breaths (inhaled energy is pushed down into the lower abdomen-5 seconds
You can make these steps longer as you get used to the exercise.

1: Rainbow colors

  The seven colors of the rainbow
Do after image training beginning from the red down.
1) Visualize colors in the progression red, (bitter) orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and purple.
2) Look at the surrounding visual field
3) Close your eyes and visualize the colors from red one after another
4) Visualize the whole filed of color

2: Red, Blue, Green, the entrance

1) You can also practice the after image training with the orange card
2) Red apple, yellow banana, green watermelon, then you see the entrance to your own house come into view
3) Open the door. Is there anybody standing inside?
4) Go through from the entrance to the living room to the kitchen . Note that you must check your results after finishing.

For children**(elementary kids) Mothers should read out the sentences to the children.
For adults**After reading the sentence move into the world of imagery

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The Basic Techniques of QSR : Image training

Stick images

The third aspect is called 'Stick Images'. Because relaxation and concentration are important for image work we train in tensing and letting go over and over again. At the beginning we regulate breathing and loosen up the body. After that we then stiffen up the whole body as if it were a stick. Then we loosen up completely again. This gets repeated three times. This kind of pre-training has the effect of taking our unconscious left brain centered way of living and coaxing us into a more right brain mode. That is done with breath and with the stick or rod imagery. This is then connected to the afterimage training which is used to get in the habit of visualizing images. For children this kind of training is quite simple but for adults it can be quite difficult indeed. Because we have spent such a long time in our lives centered on the left brain, without creating the right mental conditions it appears that it is very difficult to access the right brain.

The rod (stick) image
1) Lie down quietly on the floor
2) Close your eyes and take three deep breaths at your own pace
3) As you breathe in visualize yourself as a hard rod counting one, two, three as you stiffen up. Lift up your back from the floor creating an arch wide enough for one arm to pass through (about 10 seconds)
4) As you release your out breath you become supple and soft.
5) Repeat steps three and four three times each.

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