Quantum speed reading (QSR) is a completely new technique for reading books without looking at the pages.

I think you could use Quantum Speed Reading to read long books


Quantum Speed Reading
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The Quantum Speed Reading DVD is currently being produced. As soon as this is completed we will inform you on this website.
The basic method

The first step
Let's keep our breathing in rhythm with this exercise and look at the character for the word 'flower'. As you breathe out you get farther away and as you breathe in you get closer (to the word 'flower'). What kind of images come up?

Afterimage training.
Look at this painting of a camp fire. Look at the black dot in the middle of the green fire for 30 seconds then shift to the lower black dot. You will be able to see a red fire dimly above the firewood.

Stare at the top black dot for 30 seconds
and then look at the bottom one.
You will see the faint traces of
a red fire above the logs.
If you carry on looking you will clearly see this.
If you do not see anything breathe
in slowly and once more start staring at
the green flame and begin all over.

3D stereogram
Here you can see a field of pansies. Look at the purple dots at the bottom and you will see a peculiar shape surfacing as if something is flying towards you.

< The 3D Stereogram >
The field of pansies.
Along with the butterflies that have
flown here attracted by the scent
what else can you see?

Eye training

Start off with up and down movements of the eyeballs. Follow the direction of the arrows in the diagrams rapidly with your eyes. You can use a metronome to speed up the tempo. Gradually speed up your tempo. Then go on to the left/right arrow sequences. And then do the up/diagonal/down eye exercises. (Using the diagram) Do the Earth moving to Wind, clouds and rain whilst imaging their. How did it go? Were you able to hear the crashing of the sea, the sound of the rain or sense its smell? Once you get accustomed to it please check to find out if any colors are visible doing this. Look at the colors the children have painted in their pictures. Why don't you try painting in the colors you perceive.
The children do QSR
and draw the colors coming
from the book.

Step 2: Flying in.
Flying in entails the use of breathing techniques and a simple meditation whereby you can go into your own body or 'fly in' to a book. Let's try. First fly into your body then into a book.

Step 3: Relaxation-concentration-envisioning
First lie down and breathe long shallow breaths followed by envisioning yourself as a rod or a stick.
The next is called artificial lighting. Beforehand you will need to ready a lamp stand with a naked bulb and a book you have never read before. Next, look at the light of the bulb for a few seconds then close your eyes. The image of the actual light you perceived will probably appear between your eyes. While keeping that light in view you then fly in to the book you have prepared for this. Then you will confirm what is written there in it. You can specify the page number like page 50 or 60 for example and find out what is written.

Step 4: Staring practice. Afterimage practice.
After you have finished the eye training lie down and do the long shallow breathing. Following this, do the rod imaging, the artificial light practice and then QSR with a blindfold on. This is where you speed read the book blindfolded by seeing colors, images and also picking up any messages.